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We are at your service in port Gdansk Poland

Baltic Ship Chandler Company

In 2010 we were united by love and passion for the sea, which then transformed into our professional life. This is how we started our activity as a ship chandler, as we established a company which provided professional marine services for ships. Our goal is to ensure the necessary equipment and supplies to all types of vessels. If you are responsible for one of such vessels and if you are looking for the support of a ship chandler, we invite you to contact us.

We are on the same wavelength – just like you, we spend a large part of our lives at sea, on ships, in ports, travelling. That is why we know what you need and what ship supplies are necessary in the case of your vessel. You can trust us not only because of our long-standing experience and our familiarity with maritime industry, but, above all, because of the satisfaction of hundreds of other customers to whom we supply equipment.

We are a young team of energetic professionals, always ready to help in delivering supplies to the vessels. We have a proper experience and education to ensure the best service possible. Regardless of the type of your vessel, as well as the day and time of berthing in the port, you can entrust us with the task of providing complete supplies for it. At the same time, you have the guarantee of the professional service and competitive price.

Looking forward hearing from you soon!